During Milan Design Week, IB, a leading Italian tap manufacturer, launched Puro, the tap with a filtering system that combines performance and design.

The company is thus expanding its range in the market of kitchen taps with filtering for purified water, which today represents one of the most sought-after solutions by consumers, who are increasingly attentive to a sustainable lifestyle and healthier household water. With the Puro line, IB enters the sector as a protagonist, bringing its trademark design and technological innovation for a product destined to leave a mark especially for a target group that, in addition to functionality, desires top quality construction. of construction quality. The line consists of three systems: Puro, Puro+ and Puro Pro.

The basic single-hole version for dispensing pure water with a filter capable of eliminating 99% of impurities; the Puro+ model that adds the possibility of also obtaining cold and sparkling water through a single 3-knob mixer and CO2 cylinder; and finally the Pro version with the same features as the Puro+ in an even more exclusive design.

Both the design and technology of Puro are made in IB: a solution designed by Elio Bregoli and Marco Vivenzi, who have been continuously working on the project. The faucet is machined from solid brass to offer a tactile sensation of sturdiness and solidity, with a versatile design capable of adapting to any kitchen. Six finishes are available and an infinite number of technological details make it a product of excellence, such as the special filter that reduces limescale and decreases fixed residue, or the display to know the status of the filter at all times. With Puro, IB has its say in a booming and rather crowded sector, where lacked a less commercial and more exclusive solution. For those who are not just satisfied with reducing the use of plastic bottles, but demand a premium product, both aesthetically and technologically.


For more information visit: www.weareib.it