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The project for the space of PozziLei insists on a particular place in the city of Monza. Storagemilano has removed all the pre-existing features of the previous project discovering the walls and the ceilings pleasantly intact with a precious wooden beams.

The idea behind the project was to place a technical volume with the warehouse, the dressing room and the backcash for create a continuous flow between the rooms to give the impression of being in a a single space. It was interesting to create the feeling of a unitary space and no longer in a sequence of different rooms; thanks to this micro-architecture and openings created, entering the store one immediately perceives the conformation of the place.

The deliberately rough and peeling walls created a strong contrast between the intervention and the pre-existence; this tension of materials and finishes accompanies the costumer for all experience inside the store. To underline and emphasize this design Storagemilano has chosen to work with strongly contrasting materials, like raw iron, brass, wood and glass.
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ARCHITECTS Storagemilano
LOCATION Monza, Italy
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNERS Barbara Ghidoni, Marco Donati, Michele Pasini
PHOTO Paola Pansini