Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta

GBPA is the Integrated Design company that was born from the union of GBPA S.r.l. (Milan) and GBPA UK Ltd. (London), both founded by architects Antonio Gioli and Federica De Leva, which last October began designing the new Porsche Experience Center in Franciacorta on a total area of 559,000 square metres.

The central point of the master plan is the transformation of the former Kartodrome into the new Customer Center, a highly iconic element of the entire Experience Center: this choice has led to the overturning of the spatial hierarchy of the area, also changing its access, which in GBPA ARCHITECTS’ master plan will be from Provincial Road 16, from what was previously a secondary entrance. The master plan provides for the construction of a car park, a Boulevard, characterised by areas equipped with urban furnishings and integrated green areas. Specifically, the project envisaged the demolition of three arches of a large arched structure in laminated wood of great value, which the architectural studio has preserved and strongly enhanced.

This structure will house the Customer Center, characterised by large glass surfaces, with an Agora, a multifunctional space and a Meeting Center for the organisation of conventions and plenary presentations. The reception area will then be completed by the restaurant and the exclusive terrace with a view of the circuit. On the upper floor, a walkway will join the two wings of the hall, creating a horizontal visual division in the space, a bit of a backdrop and a bit of a stage, which becomes an important scenic element for the events hosted inside.

The Customer Center space will be distinguished by a glossy white roof that recalls Porsche’s colours, and by elements of transparency and dynamism, such as the alternation of opaque surfaces, glazing and sunshades which, in addition to providing different degrees of transparency and permeability, create horizontal cuts that accentuate the building’s dynamic shape and bring light into the interior, ensuring a high level of environmental comfort and giving strength to the space below.

From the Customer Center, the large boulevard opens up, connecting the visitor to the more technical experiential area: the tracks and the Training Center, a project that is part of an integrated Masterplan.
The track, created from the pre-existing racetrack and totally renewed in its asphalting, will be 2,519 metres long. There will also be an Off Road track, consisting of 12 exercises of increasing difficulty, and an area of over 30,000 square metres dedicated to safe and dynamic driving exercises, including the Low Friction Circle and the Kick Plate. The Low Friction Handling track has also been newly created, to experience thrilling power oversteers in complete safety.

In addition to the traditional electric go-kart track, the Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta will also have a Simulation Lab dedicated to the virtual reality driving experience, where it will be possible to try out all classic and modern Porsche models on the world’s most famous circuits, and a Training Center dedicated to training Porsche personnel in action, which guests will be able to attend.

The facility will present events aimed at the public such as motorsport competitions and, specifically, the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, but also club meetings, events and happenings of partner companies and, in special spaces, training programmes for the personnel of the Porsche network in Italy.

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PROJECT Porsche Experience Center Franciacorta
LOCATION Franciacorta
YEAR in progress