Platform Italy2020

Platform Italy2020: a great happening animated by 50 talented architects and designers under 40 during the week of MilanoDesignCity.

They were difficult months from which we all came out marked from North to South, in different but equally radical ways.
Platform wanted to pay homage to Italian creative intelligence by dedicating a selection of 50 architecture and design studios all rigorously under 40, putting them at the centre without any rhetoric and offering its readers a real imperfect manifesto of a world that deserves attention and space to tell its own story. What emerges are realities of fierce and loving research in places that demand new visions without necessarily being shouted at, mixing disciplines, materials, economies and knowledge in order to identify new paths suitable for a time of profound metamorphosis.

In view of the great response obtained, it was decided to transform Platform Italy2020 into a great happening during the week of Milano DesignCity.
All the 50 authors, but also the essayists who contributed to the issue, will be invited to tell in just 8 minutes their design vision, in an intense and festive cultural marathon. The event will be held at the upcoming ADI Design Museum’s Main Hall; an opportunity to visit the location for a preview.
The event, which is currently being accredited by the Order of Architects of Milan, will be accessible free of charge up to a maximum of 200 seats, upon registration.
The speech programme can be seen in the poster here beside.

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