Platform #23 Mexico City manifesto now online

The world is changing rapidly with a rhythm and dynamics that it is impossible to follow from the places we traditionally live in, which is why we need guides, trusted friends, who we can rely on to understand otherwise incomprehensible and unapproachable situations.

Platform thrives on curiosity. We are attracted to what we don’t know and all those forms of research and the creation of beauty that improve our lives.

This is why we have decided to look, once a year, at one of the world’s mega-cities that is an unexpected laboratory for the transformation and production of experiences capable of opening our minds and presenting useful directions for our future.

Mexico City is the first stop on this journey and Rozana Montiel together with Francisco Pardo are the friends/guides that we have invited as guest-editors on this wonderful adventure.

Rozana and Francisco are the tip of the iceberg of a generation of incredible Mexican architects, designers and creative professionals who are transforming this megalopolis with its 20 million inhabitants into one of the most exciting transformation workshops on the contemporary scene.

The selected works, organized according to dimensions of scale and specific areas of the city, are just a virtual glimpse of a universe that is waiting to be explored and which will bring a number of surprises in the coming years.

Together with our guest-editors we have established an important collaboration with Arquine, a platform for the most advanced contemporary architecture in Mexico and a beacon of intelligence and research for the last two decades, to show that only through open networking can we grow and learn.

Mexico City is not only one of the most interesting cases in the world for investigation, it also represents research into the body of architecture itself, its material and symbolic dimension, the ability to activate relationships and new actions actually inside the population and improve their quality of life, and in so doing has generated valuable works that it is important to highlight and emphasize. And Platform has certainly not held back!

Story . Luca Molinari

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