Messner House

At the foot of the Sciliar, in the area of Alpe di Siusi, Bolzano, the spirit of a barn is reborn as a home. The project has at its core, the South Tyrolean tradition combined with surprising features internally, resulting from design of visionary and unexpected spaces.
A dwelling with two aspects which confront each other. The exterior represents the traditional alpine location, whilst the interior boasts the visionary impulse, the surprise of a space freed from the general scheme of things, almost permeable, osmotic, and innovative.

On the ground floor there is a common area which spreads out for habitational and interactional use. The rest of the house develops in a vertical wayand instead of the classical room division there are sort of ‘hangingboxes’, positioned at different heights and interconnected by stairs and walkways.

The hallways are carefully designed so that they accommodate other essential areas such as the library and open ‘bathroom’ areas with tubs and showers (only the WC are closed in). The further one goes up, the level of privacy and intimacy is heightened. The highest box which features a sauna opens out to the Santner mountain.
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PROJECT Messner House
ARCHITECTS noa* (network of architecture)
LOCATION Siusi (BZ), Italy
YEAR 2017
LEAD ARCHITECT Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier
PHOTO Alex Filz