Matilde Apartment

Finishes, lights, colors and shapes are the focal elements of every single square meter of a cozy apartment in the historic city center in Reggio Emilia. Velvet, marble, brass, wallpapers and ceramics, were the words with which the architects aimed to write a poem, like those short and powerful ones, essential but deeply emotional.

Every room, every corner, every single spot of the apartment is analyzed, designed, explored and distributed to define a moment, an emotion, a praise to detail, to the art of feeling.
The stylistic result is the representation of the aesthetics of, a fusion between the contaminations of the past and the sense of color, contrast, play.

Most of the furnishings is designed by and is the result of the collaborations with Italian manufactures.
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Project: Matilde Apartment
Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy
Year: 2020
Photo credits: Andrea Valcavi, Matteo Della Casa Di Dio