Mater Familias

In the year in which Matera is the European Capital of Culture, Calia Italia returns to the origins of the people of Matera to cross the theme of the shame of life in the Sassi and regenerate it in a proud feeling of belonging.
A project shared with Architecture of Shame within Matera 2019.

In this context the Mater Familias Day Bed, the pioneer of the Mater Familias collection, inspired by the psychoanalyst’s therapeutic bed, was created to rework the feeling of shame and regenerate the soul, mind, body and urban suburbs.
It is a sign of rebirth and pride, a hymn to the people of Matera and especially to their women, mothers, wives, peasants and workers.
Examples and advocates of a dignified life in poverty, thanks to solidarity, care and initiative.

The psychoanalyst’s bed is as stratified as Matera’s ultra-millennial history. The structure is welcoming and recalls the ‘neighbourhood’, the culture of sharing and solidarity, while the visible stitching with cross stitching recalls those of flour bags.
The foot of the Day Bed is reminiscent of the forks – in the vernacular of Matera ‘la f’rcedd’- a tool that was used by women to pull out the ropes to spread their clothes. The colour of the foot is copper, reminiscent of the boilers in the old kitchens, while the colours of the seat are those of the flame that goes from red to yellow because Matera is a passionate people who do not back down in the face of difficulties.

Thanks to the cultural stimulus of Architecture of Shame, an entire collection has been created that houses two other models, the Venus and Art Nouveau, in numerous versions ranging from the living area to the sleeping area and the breakfast stool.
A confirmation of how culture can be a tangible impulse for the economic development of the territory.
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