Light the magnificent

The Church of San Giorgio in Braida, dating back to the 16th century, is one of the most important churches in the city of Verona. Defined a “miniature picture gallery” for the quantity and value of the works of art it contains, it is a building of absolute architectural and artistic value. With the aim of giving new life to the works of art and at the same time to allow the use of the spaces and the celebration of the liturgy, a new lighting solution has been adopted, with the aim of avoiding invasive actions within the architectural context of the church, aiming at an effective energy saving – and therefore economic – while preserving the existing electrical system.
Performance iN Lighting has been selected as a Partner for the development and lighting consultancy of the religious building, providing customized solutions, expressly realized for the building, in harmony with the space and the works themselves.

The lighting concept is perfectly in line with the Renaissance architectural layout of the Church. In order to meet the high standards of the project, a number of lighting fixtures were chosen, such as the architectural projectors of the FOCUS+ series implemented with special version LEDs, which faithfully reproduce the tonality of the colours thanks to an effect similar to that obtained with halogen lamps, but avoiding ultraviolet and infrared emissions, thus protecting the integrity of the precious works over time.

In order to provide optimal general lighting, dozens of FOCUS+ 3 with medium rotosymmetrical optics have been used in the large nave. The installation of the projectors required particular attention to preserve the stone cornice.
Four FOCUS+ 3 projectors with asymmetrical optics oriented upwards illuminate the interior of the dome, while FOCUS+ 1 projectors with elliptical optics illuminate four groups of three three-mullioned windows in the dome drum on which the dome rests, defining the profiles and making the volume perceived. The GUELL 2 projectors with intensive 3,000 K concentrated optics installed on the cornice illuminate the floor below, a unique jewel of its kind.

Following the original lighting concept the visitor is guided to discover the totality of the works through a path of light. Starting from the bottom of the presbytery, one encounters the “Martyrdom of St. George” (1564), a masterpiece of inestimable value by Paolo Veronese. On either side of the altar, the two large canvases – “Multiplication of loaves and fishes” (1603) by Paolo Farinati and “The fall of manna in the desert” by Felice Brusasorzi. The lighting of Tintoretto‘s “Baptism of Christ”, above the entrance, also required careful planning: two FOCUS+ 3 with medium rotosymmetrical optics aimed at the masterpiece of the Venetian school ensured that the painting was adequately enhanced and received the best lighting, thus showing new details.
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PHOTO BY Renato Begnoni