La Zanzara

Born in 2014, La Zanzara is a famous restaurant in Rome, whose concept is inspired by the bistros of Paris and is characterized by very soft atmospheres, where the gastronomic offer and the quality of food go hand in hand with the quality of service.
The RPM Proget studio has taken care of every detail of the restaurant’s furnishings: from the decorations on the mirrors, to the choice of the lamps, to the scenographic imported American grill located in the exposed area of the kitchen.
The dialectic between modernity and functionality in the expression of vintage is complex and must take into account the client’s requests: “People in Rome or any other city in the world – says the RPM Proget team – when it comes to catering, they like to choose typical restaurants and even young people want to stay in an environment that expresses an identity, where they can find tradition combined with comfort“.

In this restaurant, the vintage 70s tone and bistro inspiration are perfectly rendered by the wooden counter and its pewter counter, reminiscent of Parisian art-house restaurants. It is original the presence of the straight-cut white tiles, as found in the New York underground, while the counters of Tuscan origin have the flavour of a place lived in and softened by the patina of time and are enriched with Carrara marble tops, all accompanied by Thonet furniture and tables in perfect bistro style.
There are also some elements that make reference to the very modern industrial style, such as the completely visible lighting system and the external iron frames, together with other typical signs of the city of Rome, such as the hexagonal grits used for the urban paving.

The spaces of the restaurant are clearly visible from the pavement and invite passers-by to take a relaxing and tasty break from the hustle and bustle of Via Crescenzio.
Designing for catering has always been a strong point of the RPM Proget studio, a proudly Roman firm founded in 2003 which boasts a variety of projects in the capital’s multifaceted and dynamic environment, combined with a high level of specialisation.
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PROJECT La Zanzara
LOCATION Rome, Italy
YEAR 2014