Intelligent Kitchen by Siemens

Siemens Elettrodomestici, Europe’s leading manufacturer of built-in appliances, presented its new brand image at EuroCucina 2022, the leading trade fair dedicated to high-end kitchens. During the press conference, held at the BSH Group’s stand, the brand reshaping process was illustrated, which started from the need for a company of Siemens’ calibre to confront and approach social issues that have become increasingly important today and based on a new perception of ‘progress’. The brand reorganisation includes a modernised brand design, through a new film, an updated communication campaign and a renewed approach to the retail sector, while also premiering the Siemens iQ700 oven range.
Siemens Elettrodomestici thus updates its positioning and design to meet the evolving needs of its higher-end consumers for a ‘new kind’ of progress. Ongoing social changes have also elevated the meaning of ‘home’ for many, especially in the last couple of years: the term ‘new home’ refers to a place where family, life and work come together, resulting in a dynamic mix of environments and situations. Siemens Elettrodomestici’s new corporate identity represents precisely this commitment to more meaningful progress and the desire to be in the driving seat for a more sustainable future. The intelligent technology of its products, which are increasingly connected, is set to solve a range of problems that go far beyond people’s individual lives.

Starting in June 2022, the new Siemens Home Appliances communication campaign debuts in all key Siemens markets and is aimed at a specific demographic, which includes consumers who are curious, ambitious, progress seekers and have a great affinity for the latest technologies. This target group therefore represents progress seekers who put well-being at the centre, seeking to have a lower impact on the environment and with a greater emphasis on meaningful relationships.

Based on these assumptions, the design of the products and the brand in general has also been reshaped to focus on a new visual identity system, which seeks greater dynamism and modernity. Also new are the colours that will identify Siemens Elettrodomestici from now on: midnight blue and optical white will flank the characteristic Siemens petrol green. Thanks to the effective combination of typography and images, the design now fully reflects the brand’s even more all-embracing approach to the concepts of progress and the future with its metropolitan, elegant, active and real character, suitable for unique and high-profile personalities.

The new iQ700 oven range, the heart of the smart kitchen

The latest member of the smart kitchen family, the iQ700 oven with ‘Individual Browing’, was presented in the ‘Home for Progress’ by Stephanie Baltz, Head of Marketing, Region Europe at BSH. Siemens thus demonstrates how the connected kitchen is evolving with the support of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, that take the user experience to unprecedented levels. The iQ700 oven range, Siemens’ flagship connected appliance product, is designed for anyone aspiring to cook according to their specific needs. The connected appliances in the Intelligent Kitchen accompany Siemens consumers through the entire culinary journey – from shopping to storage, from food preparation to presentation and washing up, in a sustainable and healthy way.

On the occasion of Eurocucina 2022 Siemens Elettrodomestici also presented the brand’s latest innovations in the new Intelligent Kitchen, a concept that reimagines the kitchen as an advanced system of connected appliances that can be monitored and controlled remotely via the Home Connect app and, in part, via the most popular voice assistants.
On the occasion of its return to Eurocucina, Siemens Elettrodomestici, the European leader for built-in appliances in high-end kitchens, chooses to team up with three exceptional personalities who will interpret the brand’s cardinal principles of technology, innovation and design with initiatives and projects that will see them play a leading role.
For the food sector, the partnership with Michelin-starred chef Andrea Berton continues for the third consecutive year, entertaining visitors to the fair with show-cooking recipes that highlight the great potential of the premium studioLine line.
Architect Francesco Librizzi, also a Siemens ambassador since 2020, gave his interpretation of the brand’s new Intelligent Kitchen concept and the latest innovations in space design. On hand with ad-hoc meetings on design, the architect engaged in a face-to-face dialogue with insiders, designers, media and customers, starting precisely with the new trends in living spaces, consumer needs and the design of increasingly integrated and connected appliances.

Lastly, as a new entry and third testimonial for Siemens Elettrodomestici at Eurocucina, Massimo Temporelli, a physicist by training and populariser who for more than twenty years has been involved in the dissemination of scientific, technological and innovation culture in university lecture halls and on the web, in museums and books, on radio and TV, in companies and in FabLabs, attended the event. During the event, he had the opportunity to explain the technology behind the brand’s appliances, putting them to the test and exploring their potential with a focus on connectivity and the most innovative functions.

Here are some of the focus products on the Siemens stand at Eurocucina 2022:


glassdraftAir countertop cooker hood

glassdraftAir combines cutting-edge technological performance with seamless design to integrate elegantly into open-plan kitchens. The hood allows the end user to experience a new dimension of freedom in everyday life. Thanks to the cookConnect system, Glassdraft connects to the hob via WiFi and constantly communicates with it to adjust suction. In addition, the cooker hood is equipped with climateControl sensors that measure the quantity and quality of fumes, thus regulating the suction intensity in total autonomy, freeing the user from all worries. Thanks to the emotionLight pro technology, glassdraftAir allows you to create the right atmosphere at any time, according to your mood and the style of the kitchen environment: with a choice of nine colour tones, you can illuminate the glass with a beam of LED light, enhancing the entire cooking area in an even more unique and attractive way. You can also create your own personalised colour using Home Connect, the app that allows you to control your Siemens studioLine appliances wherever you are.

activeLight cooktops
Born out of the need for seamless integration of the different appliances with the rest of the kitchen environment, activeLight hobs, thanks to the blue LEDs that have replaced the traditional serigraphy of induction hobs, allow full control of active hob zones and cooking intensities. This induction hob model adapts to your way of cooking: with flexInduction Plus technology each appliance is able to recognise the size of the pots immediately and, if the surface needed is larger, the auxiliary cooking zones are automatically activated so that the pot is always heated evenly.

French Door Fridge KF96RSBEA
The new French Door four-door 90 cm refrigerator with black glass finish has a special drawer for bottle storage. Temperatures are preset according to the type of bottle, but thanks to the Home Connect app, you can customise the temperature setting to suit your preferences. The elegant oak sliding shelves can accommodate up to 17 bottles on two levels, while the integrated lighting puts them perfectly on display. Also with the Home Connect app you can keep the bottle drawer lighting on even when it is closed, manage the fridge and freezer temperatures and get tips on optimising stora


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