House over the park

The renovation project of an apartment with an extension on the top floor has posed the theme of “building on the built”. The project involves the construction of a new volume set back from the façade’s silhouette, which allows to reduce the impact on the skyline and to give terrace space overlooking the green of the park below.

Made entirely of glass and polished steel, this volumetric decomposition gives the possibility to relegate the new glass facade to the background plane, leaving the lead role to the horizontal brise-soleil made of glass strips. The composition of glass plates with different orientations and lengths fragments the physicality of the artefact and transforms light into the protagonist of the vision.

Thus, conceiving the new volume as an ethereal and evanescent presence. The more public areas of the house are located on the terrace level: the living room dissolves the limits and the threshold between inside and outside; the kitchen frames the view of the park as if it were a huge painting. On the floor below there is the sleeping area and the entrance, a sort of “central core”, around which the distribution of the different rooms rotates.
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PROJECT House over the park
ARCHITECTS deamicisarchitetti
LOCATION Milan, Italy
YEAR 2020
LEAD DESIGNERS Giacomo De Amicis, Luigi Lorenzi
PHOTO Alberto Strada