Hhcr Househut

The project tries to define a tile in the agricultural landscape able to represent, interpret and innovate historical spatial typology and building morphology: a contemporary house that contains inside, the legacies of the past and a new vision of the future, an agricultural countryside that may become an orienteering landscape, a building hut able to enhance the countryside’s culture and nature.

The house reinterprets a historical countryside typology space named ‘porta morta’ in contemporary terms, defining a hollow space that becomes the fulcrum of architecture.

Two side wings help to ground the house in the plot: they slide on each other by a transparent double height passing through, which links and connects the spaces of the bedrooms / studio on the first floor through a hanging balcony.

The architecture studies a new approach to the definition of walls and openings by working on the corner, to give a double facing on the landscape and different brightness and natural light nightly and daily.
For further information please visit www.natoffice.it.

PROJECT Hhcr Househut
ARCHITECTS Nat Office – christian gasparini architetto
LOCATION Corticella (MO), Italy
YEAR 2018
LEAD ARCHITECT Christian Gasparini
PHOTO Filippo Poli