Green massage on the Moon

Green massage is a new professional health care space that integrates modern scientific techniques based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine with relaxation dedicated to all those who want a break from their hectic everyday lives. An elegant environment where expert hands perform massages and other healing methods to achieve both physical and spiritual benefits.
A unique and modern place, Green Massage offers a complete experience from the moment the client enters the facility, to the individual massage rooms where they can relax in total privacy. This is a journey for the guest to recover from fatigue, and the path to healing is touch for the five human senses.
Better experience through better sensory reception.

The design of this project is based on the “Moon” concept.
The space, located within a chaotic shopping mall in Shanghai, has an aesthetic characterised by grey tones, while the solid texture throughout the space is like the surface of the moon. There are no sharp corners in the rooms, curved lines are used to shape the interior areas, and a slight reflection reminiscent of sunlight shining on the moon becomes the natural filter that isolates the centre from the outside.
The lunar theme is maintained consistently throughout the design of Green Massage, evoking a blend of emotions between nostalgia and calm.

The installation work “Moon Light” created by artist Yang Yong is the poetic highlight of the sensory journey.
The spherical light is reflected on the walls so that it can be seen from anywhere in the space, and is the metaphor that guides people step by step on their healing journey to remove their everyday tiredness. In Green Massage design, the aim is to complete the journey through the whole sense of inner experience. “As the moon is enduring, as the sun is rising”, is the circulation of the universe, each restart is a fresh return, it will bring the return to the high point of life.

The project was conceived by Vermilion Zhou Design, a design studio born from the creative fusion of Kuang Ming (Ray)Chou, Vera Chu and Garvin Hung. The team has worked on projects throughout Pacific Asia, varying between public and private projects. Their identity is based on the desire to communicate a modern Asian lifestyle, through a balance of aesthetics and design, thanks to the collaboration of artists from different creative backgrounds.


PROJECT Green Massage
ARCHITECTS Vermilion Zhou Design Group
LOCATION Shanghai, China
Year 2020
PHOTO Yunpu Cai