GCA Altium Headquarters

The offices of San Fedele Foundation, overlooking the homonymous square located behind Palazzo Marino and Piazza della Scala, will host the new Italian headquarters of a major financial firm, GCA Altium.

The design of the offices is a large open plan characterized by technical volumes that define the space. The layout is organized around “the engine” a big open space that operates as the heart and main distribution area. The offices and meeting rooms open up to this central core through transparent and flexible walls offering either separated rooms or a unitary common space oriented to overlook the plaza.

By minimizing all technical needs to occupy only 12 cm of ceiling and floor space, the Matteo Fantoni Studio design achieves the highest diffusion of light and defines the interiors as a mix between historical prestige and functional modern spaces that are suited to meet nowadays business needs, overlooking future necessities.

ARCHITECT Matteo Fantoni Studio
LOCATION Milan, Italy
YEAR 2018
PHOTO Courtesy of Matteo Fantoni Studio