Until 27 June 2022 it will be possible to visit FRAMES, the special installation designed by Vittorio Grassi Architects for the spaces of Meliá Milano. It is a temporary architecture of great impact, realized especially for the Milan Design Week 2022, articulated in three rooms where optical illusions, space alterations and perspective games are at play.
The project ideally takes its cue from the concept of the hotel’s new restyling by Alvaro Sans and Vittorio Grassi Architects, which is reinterpreted with an unexpected twist.
FRAMES plays with the concept of stability, which is traditionally linked to that of normality: in the installation nothing is as it seems, reality is destabilized and destabilizing. FRAMES thus casts a glance on the continuous transformations to which the last years have accustomed us, suggesting a new point of view to face the “next normal” with resilience and agility.

Room 1 – Sottosopra by Duravit – is a bathroom where high and low are inverted, where the colours pink, green and blue dominate. The room is an invitation to put oneself in a different perspective, to not just look at reality as it is, but to experience the subversion of certainties every day.
In the room of opposites (sponsor Melià), big becomes small and small becomes big, with bright and vibrant colours, namely fuchsia, intense yellow and light blue. Reality often confronts us with events and emotions where opposites seem to dominate, but looking at it from another point of view, these opposites are not so dissimilar and by changing perspective even what is huge can become smaller.
Room 3 – Gulliver’s room (sponsor Cosentino) – is a place to become a child again, dominated by the colours blue, pink and grey, with a play on perspective that disorients but at the same time trains the brain not to trust appearances. The illusion comes to life with cubes of different sizes arranged at different distances from each other, which, when viewed as a whole from a specific point, reveal a unique figure.
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