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Facile Sognare

Facile Ristrutturare, a company founded with the desire to rethink the concept of renovation through a democratic vision of interior design, promotes in collaboration with Every Child Is My Child Onlus – an association chaired by Anna Foglietta that involves artists and public figures in creating and supporting initiatives in support of childhood – the corporate social responsibility project FACILE SOGNARE.
The mission of Facile Sognare is to help minors in difficulty who are temporarily removed from their families because of serious conflicts. In 2022 the project aims at the complete renovation of three spaces dedicated to the protection of children, identified by Every Child Is My Child Onlus in the cities of Milan, Rome and Naples, with an overall commitment by Facile Ristrutturare of 300,000 euro.

The intention is to try to make it “easy” for minors who find themselves living in extremely difficult conditions to “dream”, putting their imagination, their sensitivity and their desires at the centre: with the guidance of Paola Marella, testimonial and face of the company, they will in fact be the ones, with a dedicated workshop in the Facile Ristrutturare showrooms, who will guide the team of architects in the choice of colours, furnishings, models and finishes.
With Facile Sognare, moreover, the architectural, qualitative and functional design of spaces meets art: each intervention sees the involvement of an artist who, on the basis of the suggestions shared by the children and young people, will imagine a mural with them, thus bringing creativity and beauty to places that all too often lack them.

Facile Sognare’s first project in Milan is aimed at renovating a 150 square metre space belonging to the social enterprise ControVento, which has been active in the city since 1898 in the protection of minors. ControVento’s mission is to promote and safeguard the rights of children and adolescents and to support parenting through an organic system of services aimed at protecting, assisting and recovering minors from all forms of abuse.
The project will completely renovate the space identified and give it to the association so that it can set up a “Meeting Space” with a domestic and daily dimension: a comfortable, child-friendly place to facilitate reconciliation with the family unit, which is often conflictual and difficult, but also a place to hold protected hearings for minors who are victims of crime, or to organise entertainment for children and young people with their parents at parties and on birthdays.
The renovation was entrusted to the architect Alberto Vanin who, in the light of a four-handed work with ControVento, translated into the architectural project the needs expressed by the association in terms of distribution and use of spaces. The place is designed to offer an entrance area, two large living areas, a kitchen for preparing lunch or a snack, plus an office area and services.

With a workshop in the Milan showroom of Facile Ristrutturare – scheduled for 6 April 2022 – the children who are guests of ControVento will be able to choose how to define the space, giving space to their sensitivity and choosing, with the help of the architect Vanin and Paola Marella, the colours of the walls, the furnishings, the materials and the coverings.
Elena Salmistraro, an internationally renowned Italian designer and artist, will bring her imaginative world into the project by creating a work specifically for the space. With her highly expressive, vital, colourful style, Salmistraro will translate the children’s dreams and reflections into a large mural more than 5 metres wide and 4 metres high.
For further information, please visit the Facile Ristrutturare website.