Misha is delighted to present “Esotismi”, the new wall coverings collection designed by Cristina Celestino.
The collaboration started after the Caffè Concerto Cucchi project in April 2019, in which Misha had contributed with the realisation of a set up of wall coverings; “Oasi, designed by Cristina Celestino and fulfilled especially for the installation. The successful outcome and the response of the public drove both parties to carry on the project.

The wallcoverings are made in pure silk and hand-embroidered or hand-painted, which coincides with what has always been Misha’s philosophy and savoir faire. The whole production process of Misha’s wallcoverings is entirely natural and the Esotismi collection fully represents the attention and the awareness of the brand towards the “green” theme. The glues used are not acrylic, but natural starch based, which also allows the wallcoverings to be applied gently without the risk of damaging them once removed. The artisans involved on the decoration process mostly employ natural pigments for the hand made decoration. The entire procedure is rigorously handcrafted. Wallpapers are completely painted and embroidered by hand.
Misha is today presenting three new creations by the designer (Cabana, Passiflora and Formosa). In keeping with Misha’s expertise and its long-held philosophy, the coverings are made from hand-painted and hand-embroidered silk.

The concept of the collection is explained by Cristina Celestino: “The new Esotismi collection for Misha evokes a daydream. It is a fantasy vision where an imaginary flower in loud, unnatural colours sits against flat, repeated backdrops inspired by the world of textiles: ridged lines alternate with vertical stripes, micropatterns and military designs. It is a completely eye-popping landscape that mixes and incorporates organic geometries and elements. The uncontrolled, blooming nature is composed, on the one hand, of fanciful mushrooms, and on the other of enormous passion flowers and passion fruit”.
With this brand new, contemporary design, the designer invites us to step into a fantasy creation and let our minds wander through exotic, unknown worlds. The collection is already available and in production.For further information please visit

PHOTO Davide Lovatti