Gruppo Romani

Today, Gruppo Romani presents itself to the global market as one of the leading companies specialising in the production and marketing of ceramic architectural supplies. The group comprises five brands, Serenissima Ceramiche, CIR Manifatture Ceramiche, Cerasarda, Cercom Ceramiche and Isla Tiles. Each brand has its own specific identity, responding to the multiple needs of a constantly evolving international market. The strength of the Group lies in its diversified, eclectic, innovative and trendy proposals in a wide range of formats. Gruppo Romani is an articulated reality, made up of several factories and laboratories, the result of a successful entrepreneurial history that has spanned the generations of a family, internally cohesive, but open to the world.

The Group
It all began in 1968, the year in which Cav. Lamberto Romani founded Serenissima Ceramiche, the group’s specialist in porcelain stoneware coverings for residential and commercial applications. Serenissima products are the result of creative vision and constant research, which combine to create surfaces of unbeatable technical and aesthetic quality. The collections, recognisable for their quality and originality, are ideally suited to the many requirements of an increasingly demanding market. The second brand, CIR Manifatture Ceramiche, was acquired by the Group in 1993. It proposes glazed ceramic solutions with a strong decorative impact for residential and light commercial applications. It offers its young and dynamic target clientèle proposals characterised by quality, originality and outstanding technical performance. From its earliest days, CIR Manifatture Ceramiche has focused on trim pieces in small and very small sizes, and the study of graphics, colour and textures, including relief effects. Since 2002, the Group has also included the Cerasarda brand, bringing its refined, exclusive glazed cotto floor and wall tiles to the company and taking the elegance of the Mediterranean. Cerasarda is in fact the result of the combination of craftsmanship, culture and technology to the world, growing and changing every day to maintain its contemporary, practical style, without losing contact with its roots. A few years later, the group also acquired the Cercom Ceramiche brand that has translated its history into identity and recognition, to maintain its dialogue with the world of architecture and professional users. It is dedicated to offering high quality solutions, focusing on technological innovation, perfecting its logistics and valorising its human resources. Finally in 2012 he joined Gruppo Romani Isla Tiles, a brand with profoundly creative and refined contemporary style, it stands out for its vast product range, ideally suited to the European and USA architecture markets.

The collection
One of the latest collections created by Gruppo Romani under the Cerasarda brand is Tintùri, a collection dedicated to wall tiles, in which the glossy crackle glaze and the brand-new lozenge shape are combined to produce creative chromatic miscellany. The alluring vitri fied surfaces, born of the artisanal experience of Mediterranean ceramic workmanship combined with the most cutting-edge industrial technology, are attuned to the needs of sophisticated contemporary design. The result is a very modern material, enhanced with ancient aesthetic influences and capable of guaranteeing the technical qualities of the best ceramic. The noble and exquisite appearance of the glaze, a distinctive sign of the Mediterrano Style by Cerasarda, characterizes the wide range of Tintùri composed of 13 particularly striking bright colours, compositions mounted on mesh that inspire surprising and ever-original installations, suited to any architectural environment. There are also 3 Luxury versions – Nevelux, Orolux, Nerolux – with 5 different patterns for each colour that may be assembled randomly and, upon request, a monochromatic version.

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