Corporate multifunctional space

The interior architecture studio Visual Display has created a multifunctional space for Chiurlo – a leading gas and energy supply company. In fact, it is not just a meeting room or work area, nor just a place to receive clients: it is called corporate multifunctional space.
It is a place to relax where one can regenerate, have lunch or work informally in an open-plan space.
The project focuses on the quality of workplaces, which must be increasingly welcoming and comfortable, for a renewed concept of corporate welfare, sustainability and quality of life for workers.

The room was designed with the utmost attention to acoustic and lighting comfort. The entire blind side of the room is occupied by a large sculptural wall in chestnut wood, designed to contain all the useful functions of the space and at the same time conceal the entrance.
A veiled curtain screens the light entering from the three glazed sides, creating a suffused and enveloping atmosphere.

The floor plan is designed so that it can be lived in different ways according to requirements.
The sound-absorbing ceiling system, made of 100% recycled plastics, conceals the technical lights inside, while a flexible light tube illuminates the meeting room.
The design is completed by a small phone booth at the entrance to the space, giving employees all the privacy they need.
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Project: corporate multifunctional space
Studio: Visual Display S.r.l.
Location: Udine, Italy
Year: 2023
Photo: Camilla Bach