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Efjord is a branch off the Ofoten fiord in northern Norway. The client desired a retreat that focused on the panoramic views of the site, but which also transported them to a feeling of isolation and total privacy, away from hectic work-days in the city.

The conceptual layout opens and closes the building in different directions, where the eastern part of the cabin closes towards some neighbouring buildings and opens towards a ridge and the close terrain on the other side. The opposite directions are sought at the front end of the cabin, opening up to the magnificent views towards the dramatic mountains and the fiord to the west.

The two volumes are slightly offset to provide for sheltered outdoor areas and views towards the fiord also from the rear volume.
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ARCHITECTS Snorre Stinessen Architecture
LOCATION Halvardøy, Efjord, Norway
YEAR 2017
LEAD ARCHITECT Snorre Stinessen
PHOTO Steve King, Snorre Stinessen