At the San Leonardo Theatre in Bologna, Galletti presented a preview of its latest product, designed in-house by the Advanced Design Unit. EFFETTO AirClissi is Galletti’s innovative interpretation of the hydronic terminal to create greater emotional interaction between a “technical” element and the environment to be air-conditioned.

The thermodynamic and acoustic performance of hydronic terminals are very important, but only if they can be included within a broader concept, which places the user with his or her real needs and desires at the centre, both in relation to climatic comfort, and in relation to the aesthetic appearance of the product and the context in which it is to be installed.
It is precisely from the need for greater integration between the hydronic terminal and the environment to be air-conditioned that the solution comes to life, which integrates within the Coandă effect air intake module, a thin layer of LED light, specifically designed to enhance the style of the environment in total synergy with the main lighting devices.

EFFETTO AirClissi, in fact, allows you to adjust the light intensity of the hydronic terminal to your liking to best suit your aesthetic needs, regardless of the climatic comfort settings in use. The light modules, available in warm 3000 K and neutral 4000 K, can be modulated either through Galletti’s EVO microprocessor controller or through the Casambi app, which can be downloaded to any smartphone.
The lines of EFFETTO AirClissi are elegant, clean, essential and have been designed to best enhance the aesthetics of the environments in which the terminal is inserted, without, therefore, the need to “hide” it.

Also, through the use of materials Galletti wanted to differentiate its new proposal in a way that was unprecedented for the sector. In fact, the protagonists include Dibond®: a material consisting of a sheet with a “sandwich” structure made up of two aluminium sheets which, in addition to having an excellent seal against the formation of condensation, has enabled Galletti’s Advanced Design Unit to develop the object’s linear and clean-cut design and to offer users three different colour solutions: Grey (with natural brushed aluminium cladding), White (white RAL 9010) and Black (black RAL 9005).
The EFFETTO AirClissi module is combined with Galletti’s solid and reliable Acqvaria technology and has been designed to guarantee maximum comfort: the special geometry of the air conveyors allows the air jet to lick the ceiling and walls without ever directly hitting people, making it the ideal solution for installations in light commercial, offices and hotels.
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