Domestic device

The small size of modern homes is the main driver factor for exploring new solutions of flexibility and adaptability.

The team of architects made up of Alberto Bottero and Simona Della Rocca from BDR bureau, translated this exploration into the design of an independent device that, included in the house structure, allows the space to be transformed, making it flexible and adaptable over time.

The house is considered as an open system, which needs to vary the size of individual spaces to make them more optimal to their functions.
The device therefore becomes a changeable service room: a kitchen, a storage room or a private space when needed.
The kitchen takes advantage of the flexibility of the house in an active way both in the long and short term, thanks to the adaptability of the dining room which can easily become a private room.
The use of coloured flooring characterised by geometric shapes designs and defines the different areas of the house.

The proposal of this type of design is actually a reflection of an economy characterised by sharing culture and lack of distinction between private and common spaces.

This domestic device is now a prototype to be developed in different contexts.

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TEAM Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca
PHOTO @Beppe Giardino
LOCATION: Torino, Italy
YEAR 2016