Chia Laguna Resort

Studio Marco Piva has completed the major redevelopment of the resort begun by IHC last year, through the Star fund managed by Castello SGR, with the restyling of the Hotel Village and which now involves the other hotels and all the outlets that make up the iconic Sardinian address, under the banner of authenticity, tradition and large spaces in contact with the wildest nature.

The restyling project also involved the Hotel Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia and the Hotel Laguna with its Family Area, in continuity with the previous project, drawing inspiration from the nature of the area, to result in a new resort characterised by a Mediterranean lifestyle designed to offer its guests a place where they can breathe in authentic Sardinian tradition.

The theme of the “wild place” was the starting point for the Studio’s work, which redesigned the resort’s interiors and outdoor spaces through landscaping and new lighting, to achieve a complete restyling of the rooms, common areas and restaurants, offering a new design in continuum between interior and exterior.

Studio Marco Piva’s intervention has raised the overall quality of the complex from a functional point of view, creating a diversification of spaces in order to offer guests renewed and completely new experiences and services, but also formal, aesthetic and emotional, with a careful selection of furnishings, finishes and materials that communicate an idea of luxury and wellbeing linked to the timeless Mediterranean style.