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Ceramica Mediterranea

Ceramica Mediterranea: refined style and Sardinian production. These are the two cornerstones that identify the brand. The company is a strong advocate of local strength and raw materials made in Italy, investing more and more in the island land. And it is by meeting local organisations, universities and professionals such as architects that the company studies materials and future approaches to create tools for a more sustainable tomorrow.

It is in Guspini that the magic is born. A small town just a few kilometres from the Sardinian capital, where Ceramica Mediterranea has established its roots. It all began in 1993, when the factory, born as an ethically sustainable factory, wanted to exalt the beauty of the Mediterranean to the whole world. Ceramica Mediterranea specialised in the production of porcelain stoneware produced locally and with a more environmentally sustainable production process. Over time, the company has made many investments in technology and in dialogue with professionals in the area and beyond. Research and study have met demand, and today the company exports its products all over the world, with a solid presence in more than 25 countries.

The ancient working of raw earth becomes the inspiration for the creation of design products for interiors and exteriors with a distinctive style. Porcelain stoneware thus becomes the link between the environment and the home. To strengthen this relationship, every year Ceramica Mediterranea organises a meeting entitled “TERRA.MATERIA” in the first week of June. Here the company values intersect with the proximity to the earth and the place where every day the company operates. Various speakers from the world of Sardinia and beyond will be present to illustrate the latest trends and styles in architecture. The underlying message to be communicated is the importance of the Earth. A source rich in raw materials that represents the link between the producer and the territory, the community, the people.

An Italian company that believes in the potential of the Sardinian island and the impact it could have on the entire national and international territory, making the island’s beauty accessible to the whole world. The importance of sharing and collaborating with experts gives a boost to the growth of the territory. Porcelain stoneware becomes an expression and at the same time a symbol of Sardinian culture in the world.

The latest collections created by the Ceramica Mediterranea brand are enclosed in the Abitzai line, from the ancient Sardinian word: “to enliven, to sow, to keep alive“. These Sardinian-themed collections are dedicated to the colours, shades and decorations of the island. A land that, in addition to the sea and beautiful landscapes, has a very rich history and culture. A history that over time has been transformed by the outside world. Today it is possible to give a more refined touch to your interior and exterior design with finishes that break the mould.

Ceramica Mediterranea has ramifications that touch the whole world, but whose roots start from the land of Sardinia.



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