Casa MM

On the slopes of Alta Garrotxa in the municipality of Montagut (Girona – Catalonia) facing south towards the Fluvià river valley, this house is designed by Atheleia Arquitectura for the parents and their daughter sharing the same residence while each unit maintains its privacy and its own garden.
These spaces are located around two open areas of the home, the living room and the bedrooms, with their porches with views to the valley and the stream.

The concept of the house is a reinterpretation of the three-nave structure of the traditional Catalan farmhouse (Masia), combining a structure of concrete and a central nave with steel beams. Pinewoods were used as formworks for the concrete walls imprinting their rough texture.
These walls will, with time, come to a complete harmony with the landscape, colored like the land from which they were built.

Atheleia took in consideration sustainability criteria: the home has very low energy consumption and low carbon emissions, geothermal energy is used supplemented with a fireplace.
The walls have significant insulation thicknesses and thermal bridges have been removed to avoid any continuity between the interior and exterior walls.
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STUDIO Atheleia Arquitectura
LEAD ARCHITECTS Salvador Tarradas, Borja Fernández, Cristina Franco
LOCATION Montagut, Girona (Catalonia-Spain)
YEAR 2019