Casa K

The project aims at the restoration of the ground floor of the patronal house of a late nineteenth century farmhouse located in the Val di Noto, between Ragusa and Catania, in an area surrounded by green rolling hills and rural estates.

The project works on the dualism between the tradition and the innovation; the ancient charm of the property has been redesigned with solutions that have deeply renewed the spaces, their functions and the image of the patronal house itself.
The new accomodation of the owner was built following a circular  scheme around the stairs.
The same scheme was adopted for the whole plant of the building, creating a path that gradually leads to the more and more intimate areas of the house.

A sort of central visual axis winds continuously among the rooms, from the living room to the dining area, arriving till the reading corner, and from there to the bedroom and the bathroom; the materials remain the same, but the atmospheres change step by step, room by room.

The pattern of the floors, a decorative texture made with monochrome concrete tiles, changes color from one room to another, going from white to green and black.
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ARCHITECTS Giuseppe Gurrieri
LOCATION Ragusa, Italy
YEAR 2018
LEAD DESIGNER Giuseppe Gurrieri
PHOTO Giancarlo Tinè