Carroccio6 in Milan is a dynamic and modern exhibition space where design professionals and others can evaluate furniture products with the help of experts before purchasing.

The space draws inspiration from the combination of architecture and art to become a place where home design – made of innovative products, inspirations and materials – meets the market demand for beauty, usability and sustainability. Carroccio6 is a modern imaginary foyer: this French term literally means hearth, the domestic space of fire. An intimate and personal space just as intimate and personal is the activity of furnishing the home. The elements chosen say a lot about the person who lives there, just as works of art say a lot about the author. And so the idea of a foyer takes on the characteristics of a meeting space and place to introduce ourselves to others, waiting for the curtain to open in the morning, or just after it closes in the evening.
The project is supported and involves several industrial realities united by the pursuit of these values, including FIORA with its total bathroom solutions in Silexpol®, a resistant material perfect for wet surfaces and humid environments; FLAIR SHOWERS with its folding and walk-in shower enclosures with 8 and 10 mm safety glass, a perfect synthesis of quality, technology and versatility. FELLI with its outdoor solutions in perfect harmony between nature and technology, offers wall coverings, sunshades, decking, and many other outdoor application solutions where the aesthetic and sensory qualities of wood combine with the performance of polymers in an inimitable alchemy.
The thread that unites these brands is solid and well represented by the work of TEC&De, a dynamic and historic Lombardy agency that created Carroccio6 with the aim of suggesting solutions at the service of those who live in the home and not vice versa, paying great attention to the selection and combination of furnishing elements.

Carroccio6,” explains Raffaella Occelli of TEC&De, “was inspired to be an integral part of a space with complementary partners, conceived as a home where architects and the public are invited to live a new and stimulating experience.”
This transforming world was officially presented for the first time last 15 December on the occasion of the first exhibition-event born with the theatre and for the theatre, contaminated by design and attended by artists who accepted the invitation of art critic Roberto Borghi by adopting a very small Milanese theatre.

Borghi, an architect and journalist specialised in culture and entertainment, recounted the mutation of the foyers of Milan’s theatres, which, from simple spaces in which waiting spectators can linger, become places capable of conveying the theatre’s overall identity, true models of design. The story is also brought to life through the presentation of a book “Foyer: works for the very small Milanese theatres” created specifically for this project, a book that in addition to presenting the works of the artists actively participating in the series of events will also have the ambitious objective of providing financial support to the very small Milanese theatres often forgotten by the institutions. The book brings together art and design, the stage and auteur theatre with a mission: to contaminate the visual arts with theatre in a perspective of technology and beauty, innovation and heritage, sustainability and avant-garde. “We create scenarios to respond to the current need to subdivide all residential and public spaces. The book is the foyer of a theatre in which an ethical performance takes place, a new attempt to capture the shape of a world in motion. So let us close our eyes – theatre is imagination – and then open them again. Here imagination winks at design,” explains Riccardo Camponovo, head of Carroccio6. To make the journey even more fascinating, inside the Carroccio6 space, there are
exhibited the works of artists who have directly interpreted the change of the foyer, a place for meeting and relations.


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