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Border Crossing House

A private house as an environmental system that references local rural architecture while taking inspiration from the Italian Radical avant-garde. It elaborates two main themes: the Border and the Crossing. The long and narrow structure, which allows views from within towards both sides of the ridge, is a Border, the threshold to be traversed.

This project conceptually introduces itself as an ecotone capable of interpreting a transition between the living area and the agricultural landscape.

It was developed through a process that borrows from radical experiences while avoiding a deterministic and functionalist logic.

The concept of Casa di Confine finds its principle in the past but does not consider history as linear, encouraging the propagation of relationships and interconnections. This leads to the birth of a series of spaces and devices, which are not related to a single function but are instead open to the suggestion of new hypotheses of use and well-being.
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PROJECT Border Crossing House
ARCHITECTS Simone Subissati Architects
LOCATION Polverigi (AN), Italy
YEAR 2018
LEAD ARCHITECT Simone Subissati
PHOTO Alessandro Magi Galluzzi, Roberto Piccinni, Rossano Ronci, Paolo Semprucci