Boffetto Form to Furniture

One year after its debut at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Boffetto Form to Furniture will once again participate to the international fair dedicated to high-end furniture with a stand entirely focused on PLS new Collection designed by Cinzia Anguissola Scacchetti Associati.

The collection name is linked to Wassily Kandinsky aesthetic essay, “Point and Line to Plane”. In which the Russian painter elaborated proper art sciences from which the Architect Anguissola, a painting enthusiast, took inspiration from, giving life to a furniture collection which establishes, once again, Boffetto’s ability to combine art and design.

“Point and Line to Plane, a table which thickness was drastically reduced to turn it into thin lines in order to respond a static challenge lighted by the moon; the point inlaid on the top…”. That’s how the architect describes PSL Collection. The point is an invisible, humble and quiet entity. All shapes are generated by that element. Like an entity in motion, the point gives shape to the geometrical line so that from the movements of the line we can succeed in creating planes.

In PLS Collection, the line uncoils and offers a variety of vertical and thin lines which entirely support what Kandinsky used to call “Basic Plane”: a welcoming surface which contains a piece of art.
Apart from the table, the collection is also composed of a bookcase, a small table and a buffet, along with a lighting system, a floor lamp and a chandelier, in which the concept of line starts its movement, giving the space an unexpected energy. This way, it goes from static to dynamic, from the silence of the point to the sound of the line, in a combination of natural materials, like wood and metals, with the Solid Surface which has always characterised in a unique way Boffetto’s collections.

Italian craftsmanship excellence and high-end technology are the guarantee of Boffetto Form to Furniture and its products for a wide reputation on national and international markets offering solutions always more capable of fulfilling the most aesthetic and stylistic demands.