Around the vestibule

The flat is situated in Camogli, and it is characterized by a typical layout of Genoese houses that usually have a huge entrance room, often without windows, renowned as “ingresso alla genovese”. This central room has many doors leading to the other rooms of the house.

Gosplan intervention confirmed this simple and effective layout, pointing out the ceremonial role of the vestibule thanks to a bespoke furniture system that upholsters the whole room.
Furniture design makes the vestibule symmetrical and precious, introducing a simple and geometrical decoration that works together with the plaster ornaments and the flower theme of the terrazzo flooring.

Entering the vestibule from the building staircase, we can see on the two sides the five pink doors integrated in the furniture design, while opposite to us a sliding door discloses the study room, copiously bringing the daylight inside the vestibule.

Through this wide opening, the vestibule and the studio could merge in a unique space. Nevertheless, as necessary, it’s possible to close the study and to convert it into a guest room, by fixing the tailor made desk to the furniture shutters and pulling out a wall bed.
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PROJECT Around the vestibule
LOCATION Camogli (GE), Italy
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNERS Nicola Lunardi, Veronica Rusca and Lorenzo Trompetto
PHOTO Anna Positano