Luxury residential complex located on Cape Town’s Arcadia Road, Arcadia is an innovative and sophisticated architecture, very evocative for its fluid grafting in the natural context, with double views of the ocean and the innermost hilly landscape.

The architecture is seamlessly integrated into the pre-existing context, celebrating the natural setting and enhancing the urban scenario. Five independent units, each characterized by a distinctive design, stand on an irregular site, with its high slopes and very dense neighborhood with tall buildings obstructing the view, but also a splendid panorama of the ocean on one side and of the hill on the other.

The result is a dynamic volume divided into five semi-overlapping units designed more as independent villas than as apartments. The large terraces are designed to ensure well-being and promote outdoor activities, making the most of the breathtaking views.
Swimming pools, pergolas, and gardens are the key elements. The alternation of two colors, the richness of the iroko wood and the landscape, all together help to define the unique style of this building.
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ARCHITECTS Forte Architetti
LOCATION Cape Town, South Africa
YEAR 2020
LEAD ARCHITECT Roberto Forte, Vincenzo Brullo, Paola Costantino, Valeria Di Marco
PHOTO Adam Letch