The core of the project focuses on the idea of bringing as much light as possible, throught the house, which was narrow and dark with its typical slim and tall composition. A lightwell was created from the top floor, through the staircase all the way down to the lower ground floor, letting natural light permeate into the most unexpected corners of the house.

The idea behind the double height void between the lower ground floor and the ground floor was born from the desire to make the two communicate vertically and feel as one, amplifying one’s perception of the space. Each detail of the project is custom made, giving a sense of coherence, rigour and design to what has become a very welcoming family home. The house hosts a numerous family where the different solutions allow convivial living but also for privacy.

One floor is dedicated to the master bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom whilst the remaining two floors host three bedrooms with their respective bathrooms and a playroom-study. The lower floors allow both a family oriented life, as well as public entertaining which was a key feature for the client.
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PROJECT Aldridge
ARCHITECTS Quincoces-Dragò & Partners
LOCATION Notting Hill, London, UK
YEAR 2019
LEAD DESIGNERS David Lopez Quincoces, Fanny Bauer Grung, Paolo Volpato
PHOTO Alberto Strada