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Albino Ortega House

This house located in Tepoztlán has an artisanal base, made of Texcal stone, occupied by part of the house’s program. It changes from an outside hermetic façade to a great open space that integrates the garden’s exuberant vegetation. Stone and wood predominate.

Surfaces covered in texcal stone and vegetation build habitable half-lit enclosures. Water is present both inside and outside the house, refreshing all spaces, filling them with air and sound. Like a cloister, the tour of the house intertwines interior and exterior all the way to the terrace and the great open garden. The main room stands out as a wooden floating house on the second floor; and on the first floor there is an ambulatory pond.

The house combines different intimate spaces with enjoyment of nature and the exterior pool as well as a small secret garden home to a plum tree peeking behind a stonewall at the bottom of the main garden are perfect examples of this.
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PROJECT Albino Ortega House
ARCHITECTS Rozana Montiel Estudio de Arquitectura
LOCATION Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
YEAR 2017
PHOTO Sandra Pereznieto