Albero by Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan found in the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2022 the ideal stage to present the new products in the collection.
Among them, the grandeur and charm of Albero particularly attracted the attention of designers and furniture enthusiasts.
With Albero, we go back in time to an ancestral paradise, dominated by nature and its power. The geometry of the shapes and the grandeur of Albero’s design provide a majestic ceramic sculpture to which functional elements such as air purification, atomisation and aroma diffusion can be added. Customisable according to one’s own creativity, the shape of Albero accommodates any shade, generating an evocative explosion of colour.

Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan tells a multitude of stories made of challenges, courage, dreams and a future to be written, day after day. The brand, born from the manufacturing experience of Kerasan, a leader for over sixty years in the production of fine ceramic sanitary ware, represents a “cultured”, prestigious, and multifunctional ceramic that dresses itself in new clothes and enters fully into any context, from private to public or contract.
The expression of an original vision and of a free and dynamic creativity, today Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan presents itself as a laboratory of innovative ideas in which craftsmanship and excellence coexist and feed off each other, and in which different experiences and visions converge in a path defined by the desire to experiment and design curiosity.
Artwork is pure synergy between structure and function, between beauty and use, between craftsmanship and customisation.

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