Villa dei Venti

DAAA Haus (Design, Art & Architecture Associates) is the brand founded by Keith Pillow, now based in Milan, Malta, Ragusa and Mumbai.
Since 2009 DAAA Haus has been committed to creating emotion and inspiration for its clients through interior design, architecture, branding, product design and art services.

Villa dei Venti is set atop a cliff in Qala – Gozo’s easternmost village, which has been named for “sheltered harbour.” The impressive property retains the authentic Gozitan farmhouse-style and harmoniously fits in with the breath-taking beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The décor of Villa dei Venti is a cosy extension of the sprawling countryside in which it is steeped. With a decidedly gentle rustic Mediterrranean feel, the Villa retains all the charm and elegance of the typical Gozitan countryside farmhouse. The interiors of the farmhouse feature natural tones and materials like rattan, wood, stone and slate for an understated rustic chic which emanates a peaceful environment. The different earth undertones and textures bring the neutral palette to life, without jarring with the modern facilities. The cosy atmosphere is a space in which the contemporary meets the rustic, with flair and style.


PROJECT Villa dei Venti
LOCATION Grunju, Qala, Malta
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Jean Claude Vancell