Tile of Spain

Ceramic is a product with enormous application potential, very versatile and suitable for any architectural project, whether new or in building renovation. This ability to adapt to any construction situation stems from the technical and aesthetic properties of ceramics, their natural origin, their low price, their reduced impact on the environment and the ease with which they can be recycled.

Even in these times of pandemic, Spanish ceramics, with the Tile of Spain brand promoted by ASCER and ICEX – Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, continues to respond to the market’s demand for quality with a wide range of new ideas and innovations in which ceramics is transformed from a simple wall covering into a precious furnishing element. The style is dictated by the contribution of a new language and new canons of elegance that characterise ceramic surfaces: from the traditional applications in the bathroom and kitchen, tiles are becoming decorative components for the entire home, particularly for the living room and outdoor areas.

The trends are many and do not betray the traditional, artisanal origins of Spanish ceramics, which has adapted over the years to provide concrete responses of high aesthetic and formal value to an extremely broad market in terms of taste and stylistic demand.
The collections are increasingly innovative, with colours ranging from minimalist neutrals to versions characterised by maximum chromatic saturation and brilliance. The designers are determined to find a contemporary language for a product that has its roots in the past: a constant search for solutions in line with contemporary environments and furnishings that stems from a blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology, refinement and elegance.
Thanks to modern high and very high definition digital printing technologies, textures become material, tactile, non-homogeneous, the design acquires volume and from an almost exclusively two-dimensional decoration we have quickly moved to a tactile and visual dimension.

Porcelain stoneware is confirmed as the most successful type for its technical and decorative qualities. This material has unparalleled characteristics and its success with end users and designers is largely due to the operators’ ability to propose new shades and tones.
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Cover image: Manhattan Hex by Cevica
1: Trivial by Cevica
2 & 3: Foss and Noir by Porcelanosa Grupo
4: Stracciatella by Arcana
5. Soul by Small Size
6: Felipe Pantone by Onix
7: Carnaby by Relaonda