Saint Peter House

From the philosophy of participatory design low tech high customization, this house is conceived from the bricks, a material used in Cholula México region. Through the collaboration between workers, architects and client, a house of high sophistication is achieved through plasticity.

One of the most relevant architectural design factors arises precisely from the workers for the possibility of progressiveness in the long term, leaving preparations in facilities to be able to house other spaces as it goes growing the family aspirations. Also leaving the opportunity of progressivity, so that the client himself can build and explore other materials, textures or colors in the composition of the future architecture.

It is an example of the creative potential that exists through the relationship between workers, architects and clients in an inclusive, equitable and diverse setting where the parties actively intervene in the architectural process providing autonomy, resilience and well-being.
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PROJECT Saint Peter House
ARCHITECTS Proyecto Cafeina
LOCATION San Pedro Cholula, Mexico
YEAR 2018
LEAD ARCHITECTS Diego Vilatela, Angel Valerio, Roberto Martinez, Leonardo Neve
PHOTO Patrick Lopez