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Pabellón RH

Founded in 2017 by Roberto Ramirez, Morari Arquitectura lays its origin in the Latin root of the word morar, which means “to linger” and has a sense derived from being in a place and inhabiting it. The architecture they aspire to must be evocative and defend silence, allowing the user to inhabit and stay in spaces with our slow experiential world.

Pabellón RH stems from the request to create a complementary space to an existing residence located on the outskirts of the city of Morelia, to house a collection of cars, a gym, and a small spa.

The building is conceived as a pavilion extended in length, divided into two floors with different functions. The ground floor is used as an exhibition space and is therefore larger, while the upper floor serves the function of car storage.
The modulation of the structure is governed by the standard size of a car, a measurement that is multiplied nine times to accommodate eight cars and an atrium with a spiral staircase to the upper floor.
The two levels are contrasting and complementary at the same time, appearing as a volume open at the base and closed at the top, with a pure, simple materiality.

The concrete visible on the ground floor reaffirms the load-bearing function of the basement, while the massive volumes on the ground floor level are covered with light grey quarry, to harmonise the contrast between the openings and the solids.
The structure of the lower level was conceived in correlation with the lighting project, taking advantage of the lowered concrete beams to place a luminous ceiling that emits uniform, diffuse light. On the upper level, natural light penetrates the zenithal windows crowning the sloping roofs.

Pabellón RH springs from the dichotomies its design requires, integrating them while remaining congruent with its uses. The harmony of a massage parlour coexists with the exhibitionism of a car gallery in an orderly fashion, each space fulfilling its function for the comfort of the client. With refined lines and exposed materials, this project is conceived as an exhibition space and amenity that invites the user to appreciate and contemplate it.


ARCHITECT Morari Arquitectura
LEAD ARCHITECT Roberto Ramírez Ochoa
LOCATION Morelia, Michoacán
YEAR 2019
PHOTO César Belio