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Novacolor presents its Color Trends 2022 from the MATmotion line.

Let me immerse my soul in colors; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.” With this superb image created from the words of Khalil Gibran, Novacolor launches his Color Trends inspired by the new 2022 concept “We belong to nature“.

MATmotion is the new line of Novacolor professional enamels and water-based paints, for the decoration of ceilings, interior walls and even large surfaces, where nature is always the source of inspiration. In these years of awareness and commitment to climate change, Novacolor has developed certified products that could improve the air quality in our homes and have the least impact on the environment. MATmotion Flat Paints Collection is a caledoscope of proposals able to satisfy every kind of need: MATmotion Supreme is the high quality wall enamel for interiors available in super “matt” and “eggshell” versions. MATmotion Extra is the super washable water-based paint for uniform interior finishes also available in the “matt” and “eggshell” versions. MATmotion Urban is the breathable paint for interior surfaces in the matt version.


Also for the 2022 Color Trends, Architect Barbara Sansonetti, Ambassador of the Italian brand, has studied a selection of shades that create a strong connection with the natural world using the tones of the sea, the sky, the earth. “We are looking for a new dialogue with nature – says the architect – So we have to start again from what it has offered us over the millennia: the raw materials, the reds of history, the pinks of some sunsets, the brown tones of the earth and wood, the green of the olive tree with its two-tone leaves, the blues of the sky and the sea. They are all authentic colors and deeply rooted in ourselves. They are part of our history and we often live them unconsciously.” The Color Trends Novacolor 2022 of the MATmotion product line are the answer to this strong need for man to return to be an integral and active part of nature: Italian Sunset is an invitation to be as strong as the reds of history and as vital as the maple leaves of rhubarb. Tuscany Land, on the other hand, expresses warmth and comfort, solidity and a desire for tradition; Olive Tree infuses balance, serenity and calm. Finally, Mediterranean Sea is a perfect image of the inner peace that human beings are always looking for.

The new Novacolor Color Trends are therefore the symbol of a path linked to sustainability and respect for the environment that the brand has undertaken with great seriousness. The message that for years has been spreading in the world is clear and wants to emphasize the need for each of us to understand that only by living responsibly will be possible to ensure a future for new generations. Novacolor has in fact defined new strategies in industrial production, such as the use of new generation materials with the Biomass Balance approach. The goal achieved is to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thanks to the massive replacement of fossil resources with renewable resources from biomass derived from agricultural waste. In the post-pandemic world, more and more consumers have become aware of how important the quality of the air inside their homes is. For this reason, more and more eco-compatible and VOC-free products are being chosen, without dangerous substances emitted by building materials. Novacolor’s MATmotion line has obtained Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold, the highest certification in this field, making it a safe and reliable proposal based on Best-In-Class products in terms of low indoor air pollution. Moreover, it meets the requirements of LEED, BREEAM International, BREEAM NOR, DGNB, Well Building and Italian CAM Edilizia.


You can discover the entire MATmotion line through the Decorizer APP and capture your favorite colors directly from your surroundings. Ideal for viewing Novacolor textures applied directly to the walls of your home, the Decorizer APP is available on Apple and Android stores for all those who want to discover the world of color and are passionate about Design.


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