International Congress World Urban Parks 2019

Kazan – the capital of the Tatarstan republic – from 18th to 20th of October will host the International congress World Urban Parks-2019 (WUP-2019). Here international leading architects, urbanists, landscape gardening, and urban planning specialists coming from all over the world, together with the government representatives, will participate at the 2019 congress, which topic is “Parks and cities. Improvement that benefits the ecological stability and health of citizens”.
The high International level of the WUP-2019 is supported by the participation of international stars in the fields of architecture, landscape design and urban planning.
Founder and ex-general manager of the Singapore park Gardens by the Bay, doctor Kiat W. Tan, will speak about the transformation of the Singapore from the industrial megapolis into the “park city”. Ken Smith, the founder of the Ken Smith Workshop bureau and the juror in the competition for the best concept of the Moscow park “Zaryadie” will also be present at the event. Urbanist Evert Verhagen – founder of the Creative Cities agency and the Reuse BV Company – will share his experience in the field of urban public spaces and parks. Among the foreign speakers of a congress stands out Mary Bowman, partner of the Gustafson Porter + Bowman bureau, landscape architect, an independent expert of the London Architect Association. Henri Bava – founder of Agence Ter bureau, landscape architect, the creator of “Green metropolis”, the author of the landscape masterplan of Zeche Zollverein – will also be present at the event. Susan Holdsworth, urban space and municipal planning specialist, will provide a speech about park management in the winter period.
Except of them, more speakers are going to deliver speeches at the Congress: Tanya Muller — manager and founder of the World Urban Parks, ex-minister of Environmental Activities of Mexico City (2012-2018); Gil Penyalosa — permanent ambassador, WUP special representative, the founder of 8 80 Сities; Ruth Holms — the head of landscape works and event organization of the Queen Elizabeth Park in London; Tina Saabi — ex-main architect of Copenhagen, a partner of WITRAZ architects + landscape, Lilia Ауа — the manager of the foundation Pro Bosque de Chapultepec, and other experts.
The congress is organized by the international association World Urban Parks, the government of the Tatarstan Republic and supported by the Ministry of Construction of The Russian Federation. The program management of the Congress is organized by the bureau Citymakers: an expert in the field of the city development and co-author of the concept and social and cultural program of the park “Zaryadie” in Moscow.
The registration is available on the official website of the project.
For further information, please visit the official website of the World Urban Parks Organization or the official website of the World Urban Parks-2019.