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Il Foglio Bianco. Variazione sul tema del Design

At the Tide Interiors showroom in Milan, the press breakfast “The White Sheet. Variation on the theme of Design” was held, during which Santiago Sevillano, Spanish designer, spoke with Emanuele Svetti, architect and designer from Tuscany.
Various themes were touched upon, including the relationship between design and the post-Covid era, the value of Made in Italy in Italy and abroad and, in particular, the way Santiago Sevillano Studio designs.
Their way of designing is a path of creative imagination that starts from the idea of people’s needs and follows the instinctive/innovative concept of the product, from the market study to the creation and philosophy of participation to the end user and its interaction, paying the utmost attention to be aesthetically honest and timeless in following evocative emotions.
The Santiago Sevillano Studio, based in Valencia (Spain), is a multidisciplinary team of professionals under the direction of Santiago Sevillano, where each project is the result of an effective teamwork.
The main product categories in which the Studio operates are: Furniture design (chairs, sofas, tables for both indoor and outdoor furniture); Lighting design; Product design for the Art of Table, porcelain, cutlery sets and more; Brand design direction.

Santiago Sevillano comes from a family specializing in the handcrafted production of upholstered furniture and his approach to design focuses on design and product development.
In his background there is both a technical engineering background and a sensitivity deriving from his training in architecture; the result is a working method open to solutions able to combine creativity and product industrialization with sensitivity and emphasis on detail.

Santiago does not define himself as an artist. He creates in a framework of related concepts, ideas and simple technical solutions for everyday life. His targeted approach to the project consists in developing products to solve a problem, achieving a result that can effectively fill a market gap in people’s needs.
The team’s basic philosophy can be summed up in three words: ‘Sense’, ‘Solve’ and ‘Succeed‘ – the basic idea is the ability to focus on products that become, through design, something that can solve a specific problem.
For more information visit the studio’s website