House for a son

The project originates from the need to build a house next to a ’70s villa.
The architect first decided to operate a substantial renovation on the existing building. He opened large windows replacing small openings, he inserted more rigorous geometries in place of the arches that adorned the facade, messing it up. He finally desaturated the elevations bringing them to white and gray, matched with soft tones of beige stone for the external floors.

The space for the new building was a narrow corridor; a sort of genius loci has expressed itself in the typical Ligurian need to obtain as much space as possible, with accuracy and thrift, from the little.
The new house develops over three levels: the ground floor houses the parking lots, the entrance and the people lift; the sleeping area is on the first floor, the living area is on the second floor.

The project is strengthened and finds meaning in the dialectic between Mediterranean coast and countryside: if on one side the facade opens completely south towards the sea, on the other the volume is grafted into the hill, becoming one with the land. Equally, a green roof defines a continuum with one of the existing terracing.
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PROJECT House for a son
ARCHITECTS Giacomo Sasso Architetto
LOCATION Varazze (SV), Italy
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Giacomo Sasso