Green Dry by Sahrai

Green Dry is the new collection of rugs designed for Sahrai by the architect Carlo Colombo, who for the first time has approached the world of rugs by combining his love of art and passion for those minimal lines that made the artistic avant-garde of the early years of the last century famous, including architecture, painting and sculpture.

The collection we are presenting during Milan Design Week,” says the architect, “is the first approach to a world I have never explored before. I started from what I love, from what has always inspired my creations, what has formed me over the years: art, in particular, the production of the Italian 1930s, especially painting, stunning in its simplicity, impressive for the elegance of its lines, its abstract signs, for the original use of colour to define volumes, for its essential geometries that have guided my production as an architect from the beginning. Green Dry is a collection of canvases, which only by convention can be admired horizontally. And it is a collection of rugs, which could be admired on a wall, inside a gallery“.

Green Dry is part of Sahrai’s Designers Collection, a production dedicated to collaborations with some of the most influential figures in international design. The collection aims to bring together different worlds, creating original contaminations. Art and design are united with the company’s extraordinary know-how, based on a hundred years of experience in making excellent rugs, for which traditional techniques, handed down by expert craftsmen, are still used today. This is the approach that has always distinguished Sahrai’s DNA since its genesis.


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