Glass Group Open Day 2022

On the occasion of the International Year of Glass, Glass Group, the Italian hub of the flat glass processing chain, is organising its second annual Open Day on Monday 24 October 2022, to be held at the ADI Design Museum in Milan. A day that will involve a large audience of glass industry protagonists. Over a hundred guests, including the 22 glass industries, industrial partners and multinationals, will be able to witness the state of the art of the sector and the presentation of the themes in which the Glass Group has wanted to be a promoter: from the sustainability of the glass processing industry to the decarbonisation of real estate, from the new concepts of Real Estate to the use of glass in design and architecture.

This second edition of the Glass Group Open Day sees the group presenting itself to stakeholders with concrete objectives: first and foremost, the transition from an organisation representing glass processing companies to a true supply chain hub, which it is today, bringing together various players in the glass sector, from the multinationals that produce glass to the participation of the processing industries, from the group’s industrial partners to the entire world of Design and Planning.
In this way, one of the group’s primary objectives is fulfilled: to represent the world of processing glass beyond the construction glass sector by encompassing both insulating glass as well as furnishing products and innovative projects in the field of design and industrial design.

An important link with the world of design is that relating to the world of architecture with Glass Group, which increasingly aspires to be a promoter of glass and the world of transformation it represents and to be an interlocutor with designers who increasingly choose this material in their designs.
Through the collaboration with the magazine PLATFORM architecture and design, a project involving four important architecture studios will be presented at the end of the Open Day: GaS Studio working on the S2C TOWER project; Nemesi, which is completing the new ENI Management Centre; OBR and the development of the new Bassi Business Park; and Park Associati focusing on the Luxottica Digital Factory.
These studios have been awarded the Glass Group Brand Ambassador status with the aim of creating new synergies and developments for the Architecture sector given their mastery in the use of glass in their designs, which the Glass Group hopes to encourage more and more in order to give the sector the opportunity to express itself at its best within the Italian and foreign design sector.
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