Genova città Fragile

The Foundation of the Order of Architects of Genoa (FOAGE) is launching a call for a graphic and photographic competition on the theme of urban fragility to highlight what often remains in the shadows of the urban fabric; those unresolved and precious places typical of a metropolitan city rich in potential, those “fragile” spaces that should be taken care of.
This is the initiative launched as part of the FRAGILE cultural programme: a call for entries for a graphic/photographic competition, open to all those involved in and interested in architecture, graphics, photography, illustration and visual art, to acquire contributions for the creation of an image campaign centred on urban fragility.

Genoa and its metropolitan area is the place to which the call refers. Here, the interstitial spaces, the neglected historical landmarks, the delicate system of urban and peri-urban green areas, the threshold of the coastline between nature and port or industrial areas, are only some of the possible hints that our territory can provide. Genoa has the potential to be a laboratory in which to develop reasoning, reflections and proposals of a more general nature. This is the real purpose of the call “Genova città Fragile“.

The call is open to all Italian and foreign citizens of age, either individually or in teams. Expressive and communicative graphic-photographic methods may be used. The jury will be composed of five members: Elisa Cagelli for Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti di Genova, Serena Bertolucci for Palazzo Ducale, Davide Tommaso Ferrando as architect and curator, the photographer Stefano Graziani and Laura Cattaneo for advertising graphics.

Each participating individual or team deemed worthy of exhibition will be awarded a cash prize of €1,000 (one thousand) for a maximum of three prizes. The winning project will be announced in Genoa between June and July 2021. A selection of the deserving works will be exhibited in public places in the city using urban spaces usually reserved for advertising. An open-air exhibition, directly organised and financed by FOA, for the city of Genoa, where the exhibition route will be spread from the centre to the outskirts.
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