FMG, Maxfine Onici

The range of MaxFine maxi-slabs from FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti continues to grow, with a new line of onyxes unveiled at the 2017 International Exhibition of Ceramic Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings. Three new textures, available in big 300×150 cm slabs only 6 mm thick, set off the unique nature of this stone, its elegant combination of colours and multitude of hues.

ONICE VERDEONICE GRIGIO and ONICE AVORIO stand out for their fascinating patterns of veins faithfully reproducing the effect of natural stratification and the way the stone is hewn.
The new surfaces add to the Onice Oro and Onice Perla varieties already included in the MaxFine range.
MaxFine Onici are intended for luxury interior design and the contract and retail industry, markets which demand the high quality and elegance of Italian-made products.

ONICE VERDE is inspired by a precious variety of onyx from Pakistan; the dominant colour is olive green, and the vertical stripes running across the slabs explore warm hues of beige, golden brown and bronze.
A texture with a sophisticated soul, representing an exclusive character and lifestyle.

ONICE GRIGIO picks up on the hewn structure of Turkish onyx; a diaphanous grey colour creates a background in surprising hues with veins of different widths in hues ranging from ice white to deep ochre.
A harmony of warm and cold hues to dress architectural spaces in artistic beauty.

ONICE AVORIO reproduces an onyx from the ancient quarries of Persia that stands out for its sober, discrete texture.
The white background is animated by fine beige and light grey veins, warming up its surface and giving it a versatile character suitable for a variety of styles and fields of application.

In addition to the traditional GLOSSY finish, the three new textures are presented with a new SILKY finish, giving surfaces a pleasant soft touch for a smoother feel and an extraordinary visual and tactile effect.