Environment Care Lighting

Linea Light Group presents the new Environment Care Lighting technology that will allow the Woofer and Rollip luminaires in the i-LèD Professional collection to decontaminate surfaces and prevent the onset of infections, reducing the bacterial load by up to 70-80% with continuous use.
This new technology uses High Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) light, developed and patented by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, to produce an antibacterial light that protects everyday health and well-being in any environment. Linea Light Group will be the first company in Europe to use the HINS light patent in combination with luminaires.
At the press conference for the presentation, Gianluca Salciccia, Sales Director of Linea Light Group said: “Our aim was not to create specific products to perform only the function of sanitising, but products to be used in the lighting of workplaces and common spaces, aimed at achieving total well-being in its three dimensions: visual, emotional and physical”.
Environment Care Lighting technology exploits the action of two light sources, an LED with a violet-blue dominant and a white power LED, to illuminate and at the same time decontaminate environments, avoiding the use of Ultraviolet technologies that do not allow the environments to be illuminated and are more expensive. Thanks to this extreme versatility, Linea Light Group’s products with these new features can be used in offices, public places, hospitals and healthcare facilities, residential areas and multifunctional environments.
For more information visit: www.linealight.com