Rethinking well-being

Milan-based design studio Modourbano, specialised in innovative and sustainable solutions for contemporary architecture and design in the residential, hospitality, banking, corporate & retail sectors, has designed the new spa and restaurant for the Franz hotel in Gradisca d’Isonzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
In designing the spa, Modourbano started from a very concrete idea of space and atmosphere: the spa as a place of care and introspection.
The rooms of the wellness area were created from three full volumes and one volume perceived as empty, that of the distribution to all areas of the project. Inside the structure – which covers about 77 square metres – there are relaxation areas, a space dedicated to the mini-pool and a path with sauna, emotional shower and Turkish bath.

Every detail, change of direction and material was conceived and realised so that the rooms could convey the strength of a sculpted, unbuilt volume.
All the openings created reinforce this subtraction of matter, which becomes space, entrance, observation corner and niche. The lighting was placed only on the perimeters in order to reinforce the atmosphere and accentuate the materiality of the space.

As for the bar and restaurant area, Modourbano’s starting point was to find the simplest way to modify and characterise an existing environment without altering its distribution. The colours, materials and furnishings were therefore changed in the search for an essential composition that was in harmony with the existing, very characteristic flooring.
The materials chosen were grey mélange fabric and a beige wallpaper with gold inserts that echo the details of the tables whose tops were changed.
The bar cabinet, also pre-existing, has been covered with a pantographed wood with a triangular cross-section and a white top in a Corian finish has been inserted. Finally, the lighting chosen contributes to creating a soft atmosphere and ambience conducive to conversation and conviviality.

The entire project aimed to interpret the identity of the existing space, the client’s desires and at the same time create new identities that will remain impressed in the memory of those who will inhabit these new spaces.
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Project: new spa and restaurant for the Hotel Franz
Studio: Modourbano
Location: Gradisca d’Isonzo, Italy
Year: 2023
Photo: Margherita Caldi Inchingolo