RCI Banque

GaS Studio was selected by Renault/RCI for the redesign of their Rome headquarters offices. The spaces are distributed on 2 floors and in 2 separate buildings and cover an overall area of about 3000 m2 hosting 250 employees.

The aim of the project is to create a pleasant, bright, comfortable work place, characterised by transparency and ample, friendly, almost domestic spaces, a place that can encourage collaboration, team building and communication among people. 
The objectives of this project can be described overall as a mix of open plan fixed work stations, abundant closed meeting spaces and a wide variety of informal meeting spaces. 

This mix of a traditional office layout and smart office concepts reflects RCI’s evolving culture as well as a realistic vision that not all functions work in similar ways and in the same formats.
The HQ also include furnished outdoor area for employees use.
For further information, please visit www.gasworkstudio.com.

LOCATION Rome, Italy
YEAR 2020
LEAD DESIGNERS André Straja e Giacomo Sicuro
PHOTO Alberto Ferrero